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Behind the Mentorship Curtain: Reflections from My Mentee Experience

By Jessica | Que Pasa Jessica

If you’re lucky enough to have a mentor, you’ll never forget them, especially if they’re your first. They can be powerful catalysts to a successful future.

I believe we came into each other’s lives to provide something we were both missing or needing. Whatever it was fortunately for us we were both open enough to allow each other to gingerly step into each other’s worlds.

He helped guide me through my first career and took the time to listen and build me up. Because of his coaching I moved up four positions and pay grades within five years.

He questioned and challenged my commonly held assumptions and thought processes, but he also respected who I was. Under his guidance I developed a healthy skepticism; curious and hungry to learn more of what is the actual truth.

He believed in me more than I believed in myself and that inspired me into vision focused action. It was because of him that I was able to achieve the American dream of owning my first property. He encouraged me to speak it into existence.

His departure from my life was sudden and unexpected. It was excruciatingly heartbreaking. I may have been so out of touch that I didn’t see the warning signs of the upcoming termination of our mentorship until it was too late. I call it a termination, because that is what it felt like.

Our relationship came to an end around the time I made the decision to resign and venture into a different career field.

As I look back it fascinates me how someone can have major significance in your life and then…not.

Do you still remember your first mentor? What was their impact in your life?

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